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Friday, April 29, 2016

Is God a biophile?

The PBS Newshour recently did an interview with acclaimed biologist Edward O. Wilson (http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/how-to-save-life-on-earth-according-to-e-o-wilson/). The piece was inspired by his latest book offering (Half Earth), and his efforts to promote a national park and/or wildlife preserve in southern Alabama. Of particular interest to this blogger was his insistence on our (humankind's) responsibility for preserving other species as a moral imperative.

Unfortunately, too many Christians have thought of the earth and its other inhabitants as being exclusively for man's enjoyment and completely subject to his control. Add to this the more recent adoption of unfettered capitalism as God's preferred system, and you have a recipe for environmental disaster in the form of a mass extinction event that will be wholly attributable to us.

Nevertheless, common sense tells us that if God truly is the Source/Cause/Creator of the life (and it's manifestation in the biodiversity) we observe all around us, and God really is the personification of love, then logic indicates that God is a biophile (and would, therefore, expect us to be like-minded). Moreover, for those who would quote Scripture to justify man's dominion over the Earth, we should insist that they include the entire message. Mankind was told to dress it and to keep it - not given permission to deplete and/or destroy it. And isn't there a scriptural reference to God destroying those who destroy the Earth?

If we don't take the necessary steps to curb pollution and preserve habitat for the other life forms (plant and animal) that share this planet with us, I think that Mr. Wilson will be judged as a true prophet by future generations; and we will be judged by them (not to mention Almighty God) as being among the worst sinners that ever lived! What do you think?

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