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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Supporting the Right’s Narrative About Nationalism and Jews

Never let it be said that the Church of God International is not doing its part to support Trump’s brand of Nationalism and the conspiracy theories about a malevolent Jewish influence on world events (especially relative to the United States). In light of the recent spree of pipe bomb mailings and the attack on a Jewish synagogue in Pennsylvania, I think it would be instructive to look at the role that some of the Armstrong Churches of God have played in promoting the divisive and racist rhetoric that has fueled the crazy individuals who have perpetrated these horrendous acts of violence.

In the Winter 2017 (Vol. 38, No.4) edition of The International News (The Official Newspaper of the Church of God International), Pastor Bill Watson lamented the indifference of the “mainstream media” to pursuing the truth. Sound familiar? He went on to say: “Over and over we see hypersensitive expressions wrapped in hyperbole’s passion all designed to aggravate and exacerbate the protesting Antifa crowds for effect. This is the goal of anarchists who have become the ‘village idiots’ of elitists like George Soros and others, who support his Open Society Foundations, which is nothing more than supporting the globalist agenda so prominent among the progressive rich.”

In the Summer 2018 (Vol. 39, No. 2) edition of The International News, Pastor Bill Watson wrote: “The United States is relearning to express assertive leadership after decades of appeasement, apologies, and accommodation at the expense of its own national well being and security. The question is, Will the world’s community of nations, having been working an agenda of globalism, accept and adjust to this revived nationalistic approach the United States, United Kingdom, and a handful of others within the European Union are now adopting? That remains to be seen as to how it will all play out.”

On October 14, 2018, as a presentation of CGI’s Armor of God broadcast, Pastor Adrian Davis spoke about “Marriage Under Assault” (https://www.cgi). The good pastor sought to give his audience a history lesson regarding the current “war on marriage.” He began with a discussion of Karl Marx and The Communist Manifesto and proceeded to talk about his loyal disciples in Frankfurt, Germany. According to Davis, these Jewish intellectuals and Marxists decided that family loyalty was the reason workers around the world had failed to unite against their capitalist oppressors.

Pastor Davis recounted the story of how many of these folks fled to the United States (he singled out Columbia University for special mention here) when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. According to him, these Jewish Marxists decided to shift from a focus on economics to cultural issues. Davis tells us that these nasty folks concentrated their efforts on stirring up the oppressed and victimized groups within American society (how AWFUL). He then proceeded to single out another prominent Jewish intellectual in the promotion of this cultural Marxism, Herbert Marcuse (ACOG’s seem to like the name Herbert).

Finally, Davis summarized his little history lesson by talking about how Marxists had infiltrated American universities and had attacked the building blocks of Western civilization. Moreover, he simply could not resist a parting shot about the “migrant crisis,” and how this was contributing to the demoralization of Western nations.

Unfortunately, if I hadn’t identified the sources of these statements, many of us would have assumed that they had been lifted directly from a Trump campaign rally! Make no mistake, the men who perpetrated these evil acts are responsible for the hurt and carnage which they have inflicted. Nevertheless, it is hard to deny that CGI and other Armstrong Churches of God have supported the narrative which inspired them. What do you think?