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Friday, April 22, 2016

Did you get it right last night?

Many of the "Elect" just participated in a ritual that Jesus Christ instituted almost two thousand years ago. They partook of the bread and the wine and hopefully thought about Jesus a little bit.

Unfortunately, however, many of them were focused on other issues: Are we celebrating this on the correct day? Did we use the right elements? Does grape juice count? Was the bread/wafer unleavened? Do baking soda and baking powder qualify as leavening agents? Were only qualified deacons used to distribute the elements? Was anyone permitted to partake of the elements who shouldn't have? Do the elements actually become the body and blood of Christ? Is everyone who was distracted or had their minds on other things last night headed for the Lake of Fire? Was everyone solemn and quiet and reading their Bibles or were they chatting and smiling? Was an actual foot washing event included in the service? Did they sing a song before they were dismissed? We're all of the appropriate scriptures cited and read? Was the ceremony referred to in the proper fashion (Passover, Lord's Supper, Communion)?

What about you? How would you characterize the above questions: sad or pertinent?

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