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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

God and "The mystery of Human Sexuality"

In the most recent issue (Summer 2014) of their newspaper (The International News), the Church of God International published an article by Mr. James McBride entitled The Mystery of Human Sexuality. To say that this writer was shocked by the virulently anti-homosexual language of the article would be an understatement. Nevertheless, this article does present another opportunity to explore and examine what Scripture, the Holy Spirit and common sense have to teach us about the subject.

Mr. McBride wrote: "In respect of our sexuality God revealed vital principles, based on a single male-female partnership committed for life." I guess God forgot to reveal this to Abraham, Jacob, David and Solomon; because they all had more than one wife (Solomon had 700 "primary" wives and 300 "secondary" wives or "concubines"). By the way, David and Solomon were authors of Scripture (just in case anyone had forgotten that little nugget). "Old Testament," you say? How many women did the bridegroom end up marrying in the Parable of the Ten Virgins? (Matthew 25:1-12) Correct answer: FIVE - God apparently forgot to set Christ straight (no pun intended) on that one too!

I'd also like to ask Mr. McBride's readers to consider some other scriptures, in light of the fact that he says these principles are based on a "partnership committed for life." If that's the case, then why did Moses provide Israelite males with a provision for divorcing unwanted wives? (Deuteronomy 24:1) If that's the case, then why did Christ make provision for divorce? (Matthew 19:9 - Christ did limit the provision to fornication) If that's the case, then why did Paul make provision for divorce? (I Corinthians 7:10-15 - Paul was a little more generous than Christ in his excuses for separation/divorce) What happened to the commitment for life?

McBride went on to assert: "In homosexual relationships, however, "monogamy" is rare. While a few such long-term partnerships exist, yet over 40 percent of homosexual men have as many as five hundred partners during their (shortened) lifespan. Most such liaisons don't last over two years."

Let's give Mr. McBride some credit, he grudgingly admits that a "few" monogamous relationships exist within the homosexual community. I wonder if the fact that this community has been repeatedly told by "Christian" society that they are condemned to the Lake of Fire for having sex with someone of the same sex (whether it's with one or a hundred doesn't matter) has anything to do with this behavior? At any rate, five hundred partners still doesn't beat Solomon's record! Oh, and just to set the record straight (no pun intended), a majority of researchers agree that most heterosexual men and women have multiple partners in the course of their lifetimes.

Mr. McBride went on to assert that "Covenant-bound couples were created to produce offspring." He wrote: "God issued the self-limiting instruction: 'Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.'" Although McBride gave a nod of empathy to infertile couples, he quickly went on to reaffirm that the production of children is the God-ordained purpose for marriage. Then he concluded his thought with the following: "Same-sex liaisons, no matter how loving or long lasting, frustrate this divine instruction. If homosexuality were universal - and an estimated one percent only of mankind is homosexual - it would end the human race in a generation."

First, am I detecting a little Roman Catholic undercurrent in Mr. McBride's assertion that reproduction is the purpose of human sex? I thought that the primary purpose of human sexual intercourse was to express love between two individuals - to make two into "one flesh." Are infertile couples unwittingly frustrating this Divine instruction about children or does trying count? What about couples who decide not to have any children? What if a homosexual couple manages to jump all of the legal hurdles and adopt children? Are they still frustrating God's purpose? Finally, I like how Mr. McBride reduces homosexuals to a very small and manageable minority of one percent (Does that make it easier to pick on them?) And I don't think there's much of a chance that everyone will "convert" to homosexuality - so humankind is safe on that one!

Mr. McBride went on to say that Paul asserted that "Male and female homosexuality is contrary to nature." We will forgo the debate over whether or not Paul asserted such a thing. The people of Paul's day didn't have any understanding of the concept of sexual orientation. This one is common sense. If a man is sexually attracted to another man, wouldn't it be against his nature to have a sexual relationship with a woman? Just as it is "natural" for a heterosexual man to be attracted to a female, it is "natural" for a homosexual man to be attracted to another man. Whether one believes that acting on that impulse is a sin or not, the impulse itself is a function of the person's sexual orientation. Could you, Mr. or Mrs. Heterosexual, force yourself to be attracted to someone of the same gender - let alone have intercourse with them?

Thank you Mr. McBride for demonstrating once again that the traditional teachings of "Christianity" on this subject do not align with the scriptural evidence or appeal to common sense. Jesus Christ, John and Paul said that the most important element in dealing with any brother or sister is LOVE. Are we demonstrating love for someone by repeatedly consigning them to the flames of the Lake of Fire? It is my sincere desire that the Church of God International will think twice about swallowing this one!

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