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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

God must be pleased with Evan Young

Democracy Now has posted a video and transcript of their coverage of the Twin Peaks Charter Academy valedictorian story (http://www.democracynow.org/2015/6/1/exclusive_gay_high_school_student_delivers). Evan Young, the young man in question, turns out to be a very nice young man that could not be characterized as an obnoxious or militant gay rights advocate by anyone with an ounce of fairness or objectivity. When told that the only possibility of influencing school officials would be to bring public pressure to bear on them, Evan reportedly said: "I have mixed feelings about making the story public. I don’t want to seem like I’m bitter and trying to exact some revenge, because I’m not. I wouldn’t do something like that. I only think we should do something if it is absolutely clear that, number one, this will improve my school in the long run; number two, this will lead to increased acceptance for the LGBT community; and number three, to ensure that my situation doesn’t happen again." Sounds like his heart is in the right place to me.

Moreover, the actual address (which he was allowed to deliver at an event sponsored by the group Out Boulder) was maybe ten minutes in length and was whimsical and traditional. Evan delivered the customary thanks to fellow students and teachers and sounded very "normal" in his distaste for homework and taking notes. When he finally addressed the subject of his sexual orientation (the supposedly offensive part of the speech), his remarks were mild and tolerant. He stated: "And that’s my biggest secret of all: I’m gay. I understand this might be offensive to some people, but it’s who I am. And whether you’ve always suspected this, or this is a total shock to you, now you know. When I was writing this speech, I was endlessly debating with myself whether I should reveal this, on account of how divisive an issue this is and how gay people tend to be stereotyped, and I thought that, if I did, I should repeatedly apologize and beg you guys not to think any differently of me. But then I realized: I don’t have to. I shouldn’t have to. If there’s one thing I learned at this school, it’s that we can still be friends even if we profoundly disagree with each other. And sure: There’s only like 30 of us, so it’s not like we had much of a choice, but at times, it took a serious effort to put up with one another."

Sounds like Evan hit all of the right notes to me. I can't imagine God being displeased with anything that Evan Young said or did on this occasion. Can you?

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