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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A few questions about God and homosexual behavior

Did God create both men and women in "His" image?
If so, does that mean that both genders exhibit Divine traits in their appearance and personality?
Is reproduction the only legitimate purpose for human sexual behavior?
If so, why does God permit childless marriages?
Should men and women who have no chance of reproducing be allowed to engage in sexual behavior?
Did God also design human sexual intercourse to be an expression of affection/love between two individuals?
If so, why is it only acceptable for a male and a female to express affection/love in this manner?
Did God design sexual attraction in humans?
Does sexual attraction serve to facilitate the reproduction of the species, the formation and maintenance of human relationships or both?
Does unfettered reproduction ensure the survival of any species?
Could same sex attraction serve to prevent the overpopulation of the species in the same way that childless couples serve to prevent it?
What are the elements of sexual attraction in humans?
Is sexual attraction related exclusively to the genitalia?
Does sexual attraction ever encompass other parts of the body (eyes, hair, mouth, shoulders, back, breasts/pecs, arms, abdominals, hips, buttocks, legs, feet) or the human body/shape/form as a whole?
If oral to genital contact is an inappropriate sexual behavior, then why do heterosexuals engage in the practice?
Likewise, if genital to anal contact is an inappropriate sexual behavior, then why do heterosexuals engage in the practice?
Is the missionary position the only acceptable sexual behavior for humans?
Does the human mind/brain play any role in human sexual behavior?
If so, does that make the brain the most important sexual organ in humans?
How many of the five senses are engaged in sexual behavior? If we acknowledge that all five senses are employed in human sexual behavior, does that imply anything about the nature of the act?
Do hormones play any role in human sexual behavior?
If so, did God design the human body to produce these various hormones? Doesn't that suggest that "He" designed the whole system?
Do both genders experience sexual attraction?
Is sexual attraction in humans immoral or wrong?
If so, then why did God place it in humans? If God didn't place it in humans where did it originate?
If Satan inspired sexual attraction, then why did God allow the Song of Solomon to be included in Scripture?
Did Christ say that all sexual desire is wrong or did he suggest that sexual desire is wrong after one is committed to another in marriage?
Is fidelity God's standard for human relationships (see the Ten Commandments, specifically "Thou shalt not commit adultery")?
If so, does this commandment only apply to the institution of marriage?
If marriage is only appropriate for one man and one woman, why was polygamy permitted in the Old Testament?
If marriage is truly an honorable estate for everyone, then what is the justification for excluding homosexuals from participation in the institution?
If two individuals of the same gender are not permitted to be married, does this mean that they are exempt from the fidelity standard outlined in the Ten Commandments?
If every man should have his own vessel (receptacle for his semen - as the Apostle Paul suggests), does that mean that only a woman could serve in that capacity?
Is it possible for heterosexual sex to become an idol - something that is more important to a person than God?
Is love sometimes inappropriate?
Is it inappropriate for two men or two women to love each other?
Does sexual contact always require the consent of both parties?
If so, why is it inappropriate/wrong for two consenting adults of the same gender to engage in sexual contact?
If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then how can one standard apply to everyone relative to the evaluation of beauty?
If a male is attracted to other males, doesn't that make it unnatural for that individual to be attracted to females?
If homosexuality is unnatural, then why do so many creatures in the animal kingdom engage in the behavior?
Do the prohibitions against homosexual behavior in the Bible reflect God's will or what humans have imagined to be God's will?
Why are these prohibitions underscored while others are ignored?
If everyone is individually accountable to God for his/her behavior, then why are we so interested in each other's behavior?
Doesn't the principle of individual accountability/responsibility suggest that we should be concerned with whether or not our own behavior conforms to God's will?
Do human cultural biases and prejudices ever intrude on Scripture (I'm thinking about things like genocide, slavery, misogyny, gender roles, racism, etc.)? If so, is it possible that the views that are expressed there relative to homosexuality derive from similar sources?

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