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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

God, Muslims and Guns

In predictable fashion, the Orlando tragedy has been used by two of the largest splinter groups from the old Worldwide Church of God (United Church of God and Philadelphia Church of God) to echo the rhetoric of the political Right in the U.S. and attack those on the Left. In an article by UCG Elder Tom Robinson (https://www.ucg.org/beyond-today/blogs/current-events-trends-muslim-terrorist-carries-out-most-deadly-shooting-in-us), we read: "Yet when President Barack Obama spoke in response immediately after, he would not refer to what happened as Islamic terrorism, following his established pattern, and used this as an opportunity to declare the need for more gun control." Robinson went on to say: "The attack has thrown the progressive left into a quandary. Had a 'right-wing Christian' perpetrated this act, it would have been used to vilify all conservative Christians who want to deny gay rights. But as it was a Muslim, great effort is made to distance him from 'authentic Islam'—lest the left’s alliance with Islam against traditional Christianity be put in jeopardy. The shooter was portrayed as a troubled, unbalanced person—but what Islamic terrorist is not? ... This should be a wake-up call to those on the left. Radical Islamists are not their friends. In a number of Islamic countries, homosexual behavior is punishable by death and gays are routinely jailed and/or executed." Over at PCG, the tease for the Trumpet Daily Radio Show sounds like something that could have been borrowed from a FOX News broadcast or a Donald Trump speech (https://www.thetrumpet.com/radio/shows/1/episodes/578/253-orlando-you-can-t-call-it-islamist-terrorism#player). We read there: "Once upon a time, the media labeled anyone who said 'Islam is a violent religion' as Islamophobic. But after the Orlando shooting this weekend, all you need to do to earn that label is mention that the terrorist was Muslim...No one wants to talk about radical Islam. Even after news media reported Omar Mateen's pledge of allegiance to the Isalmic State, United States President Barack Obama said he had no 'judgment on the precise motivations of the killer.' ... Trumpet writer Richard Palmer explores America's muddled response to Sunday's shooting and shows why America cannot solve a problem that it refuses to see."

The folks over at UCG/PCG seem to be saying that they would like to see the leaders of the United States acknowledge that we are in a war with Islam, they're not as bad as Muslims on the issue of homosexuality, and they are against gun control. They appear to be pining for the good old days when Christians weren't skiddish about declaring war on Muslims (remember the Crusades). Never mind that this is exactly what the terrorists would like to see the fight against terrorism become! Shame on the President for attempting to isolate these radical extremists from any association with the larger religious community of Islam. They can't seem to comprehend why anyone would want to draw a distinction between this violent and perverted minority and the peace loving/seeking majority. Nevertheless, the Left should be willing to acknowledge that shunning homosexuals and declaring them to be bound for hellfire is not as bad as shooting them or throwing them off of a building - there is a difference.  As for guns, what do our friends over at UCG/PCG make of the prophecies about converting implements of war into tools of agriculture in God's Kingdom? If guns aren't part of the problem, then why bother to get rid of them? I also seem to recall something about those who live by the sword dying by the sword (oops, forgive me - that's swords - we were talking about guns). Still, maybe God's not as in sync with "His" churches on this one as "He" should be. What do you think?

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  1. I bet those thoughts increase the offering in many churches. Roy Lenington