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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Allah/Elohim needs YOU to do His dirty work!

Many of us were sickened by the news from Orlando.Unfortunately, there are also folks who share this planet with us who will rejoice and celebrate. For them, the gunman was doing God's work.

Allah/Elohim hates homosexuals, so it is OK for His followers to hate them too. In fact, it's more than OK. Doesn't God demand that His true followers execute/stone these perverts?

The gunman's father said that his son may have been motivated by the fact he witnessed two males engaged in public displays of affection. How horrible is that? That one of God's children had to witness such behavior!

At least 50 people dead, and that many more injured. Allah/Elohim must be grateful that there are folks willing to do His dirty work. My question is: If that's what God wants, why doesn't He do it Himself?


  1. Because that's not what God wants. --Dixon

  2. Once again, thanks for your words. Over 400 people at a candle light event and march this evening in Fayetteville. Roy and Mark.

  3. While many sincere Christians believe that God intends sexual relationships only between heterosexual married couples, they would never approve or condone of hurting others. Yes, there are some bigots in Christianity - even within some COG groups - but even most of those misguided people aren't trying to kill gays.

    Currently, it is radical Islam that is the true danger to gays and everyone else who doesn't agree with that sick, evil religious mindset. The West is in a real mess now - with no easy way to deal with it. If even 1% or 2% of Western Muslims become radicalized, the results will be devastating to our Western way of life! Instead of the Left spending all of its time demonizing Christians (most of whom do not want to kill gays), they should wake up to the real arising danger of radical Islam. Prophecy seems to be coming true - and it is scary.