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Monday, April 17, 2017

I'm looking for a church to attend!

I'm looking for a church to attend. And, although my requirements are minimal, they are non-negotiable!

Before listing those, however, I feel that it's only fair to inform folks with potential suggestions of some extenuating circumstances. I live in a small village in the midst of a vast sea of corn and soybean fields in Central Illinois (I am, however willing to travel). To further complicate matters, I work most Sundays.

That out of the way, my requirements of any potential church are few. They are as follows:

1. It must be Christian - profess a belief in Jesus Christ as Savior.
2. It must be caring and friendly.
3. The pastor/priest/elder/congregation/etc. can preach and teach whatever they like as long as I'm not required to believe and teach it.
4. I must be free to make up my own mind about how much money I contribute to it.

That's it! Any takers?

Contact me at lc.hendrix@yahoo.com


  1. Do you have a nearby synagogue? I recommend enlightened Judaism such as espoused by ex WCG scholar James Tabor : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/james-d-tabor/paul-the-jew-as-founder-o_b_3930630.html

  2. The Church of God (Seventh Day) has several congregations in your state, including 5 in Chicago. Attend the General Conference in Springfield the first week in July and meet the pastors and decide what you think. Still deciding if we'll be attending.