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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Why should I waste my time on this stuff?

How can a person who is a fag, former Armstrongite and has no theological degree possibly have anything of value or interest to offer in the way of insights into God or "His" purposes and expectations?

Of course, such a question implies that heterosexuals, Protestants, Catholics and doctors of theology have made nothing but stellar contributions in this regard. In the final analysis, don't the above labels merely serve as a convenient excuse to summarily dismiss a body of material without even considering it? They effectively eliminate the need to think and dig a little deeper. In fact, don't they make the person employing them an intellectually lazy, bigoted, self-righteous, snob who is unworthy of inclusion in the discussion?

Seems to me that I recall a story about a poor widow's mite. Is it possible that the story has anything to offer in the way of an answer to our question? What are your credentials for judging something/somebody as unworthy of notice or consideration? Makes one wonder how a poor, Jewish carpenter with little formal education/training would fair in our world!

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  1. I find religion (Christianity) intensely fascinating, in spite all the malarkey we were brought up with. We were never taught to dig deeper, to question, or be given permission to reject or disagree with interpretations of scriptures.

    For 80+ years the church judged others, Christian and non Christian for their beliefs. We assumed we were superior in our beliefs and had the exclusive truth. Boy did we sure get that one wrong!