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Friday, March 4, 2016

How does Donald Trump compare to God's standards?

The American race for the presidency on the Republican side currently looks more like a reality show than a series of political primaries/caucuses designed to produce a nominee for the Party. In short, Donald Trump has occupied center stage for several months now and appears to be within reach of clinching the Grand Old Party's top spot for the 2016 election! He has been alternately praised and vilified by party members. But how can there be such a wide range of opinions on a potential nominee in God's Party - The Party of FAMILY VALUES? Wouldn't it be relatively easy to compare his behavior and statements with what the Judeo-Christian Scriptures claim to be God's standards?

A few words immediately come to mind when I think of Donald Trump vis-a-vis the Bible:
And contrasted with words like:

Some other things also come to mind:
How many times has Mr. Trump been divorced/married? Matt 5:31-32 & Mark 10:1-12
What did Jesus say about wealthy people? Luke 18:24-25
What did Christ say about Godly/Christian leadership? Mark 9:35
What did Christ say about judging others? Matt 7:1-5
What did Christ say about going around saying "I promise you..." all the time? Matt 5:34-37
What does the Bible say about folks who have a problem controlling their tongues? Proverbs 21:23 & James 3:5-13
And, aren't there numerous indications within Scripture that a person's true nature is revealed by his/her speech and actions?

How does Donald Trump compare to God's standards? What do you think?


  1. Those who analyze the race have been asking the question, "How do we stop Donald Trump? I don't believe that the Republican old guard really wants either Trump, or one of the "Tea Party" candidates as the nominee. They are in a real pickle. I believe that this is why they are hoping for a brokered convention. Mitt Romney has certainly seemed to make a surprise entry into this donney brook as of this past week.

    If the percentage of wins in terms of the two front-running candidates, Trump, and Cruz, holds through the rest of the campaign, both will fall short of the number of delegates required to assure their candidacy, and a Republican "old boy" such as Romney could end up being the candidate.

    I imagine the right-wing ACOGs are having a lot of fun with what the European leaders are saying about Trump, particularly the Germans! They probably see him as finally ushering in the tribulation.


  2. BB, thanks for your comments. I must tell you that your comments on other blogs have engendered a great deal of respect from this blogger. I agree with your assessment of the situation vis-a-vis the Republican establishment. Unfortunately, many of my conservative friends have decided that the Republican Party represents God's interests and standards.