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Sunday, April 6, 2014

God and our reality

Have you ever thought about the implications of God being Creator and Lawgiver?

This means that God is the source of the Laws of Physics: Three Laws of Motion, Law of Gravity, Laws of Thermodynamics, etc. God created the concepts associated with Quantum Mechanics. God determined the Speed of Light.

Think about it! If God really is the source of these things, then God's existence is not subject to any of them. In short, God exists outside of our reality - our concepts of time and space.

Scientist have theorized that the measurement of time is influenced by gravity and velocity. It is generally accepted that time would slow down for astronauts traveling near the Speed of Light. Scientists have also speculated that time would stand still at the event horizon of a black hole. Indeed, some scientist have speculated that the passage of time may be an illusion - not a true part of "reality."

Therefore, as the Creator of time and space, we must conclude that God exists outside of our understanding of those concepts - those realities. So God really would be able to be everywhere at once. God would be able to "travel" through time. The passage of time would have no impact on God.

In similar fashion, there are ramifications to some of the things that scientists have theorized about the "creation" of the universe. As has been pointed out by Max Tegmark and other physicists, if these events (Inflation & Big Bang) were truly part of our cosmic history, then they suggest an infinite universe with infinite possibilities. We're talking about concepts like the "multiverse" and "parallel universes."

The Bible suggests that there is a spirit realm that exists separate and apart from the physical realm that we inhabit. If that is true (and I believe it is), then wouldn't that demonstrate/prove the existence of at least one parallel universe. If God really is a Spirit, then that means God is not made of physical matter and is not subject to the laws that govern it! If there really is a heaven populated by angels, then another reality exists somewhere doesn't it?

Hence, we begin to see that God really cannot be contained by or in our reality!

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