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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Some thoughts on being a grandfather

I just returned home from visiting my grandchildren out of state, and I wanted to jot down a few thoughts while my trip was still fresh in my mind.
First, to say that I love them with all of my heart just doesn't seem to do justice to what I feel for them. When I look at them, I see perfection. I don't see any flaws or faults. Intellectually, I know that they are humans and that they must have some imperfections, but I simply cannot see them.
I find that I want to buy them things and give them things that they want and need. I find myself wondering about their future and the choices that they and their parents will make along the way. I think about how much it hurts me to have to tell my little granddaughter "no" sometimes, but I understand that's part of loving her (not everything she wants is good for her).
I wonder at their little toes and fingers and the innocence and curiosity in their eyes. I enjoy holding them, kissing on them, hugging them and talking to them. I like to make them smile or laugh.
Likewise, I cannot stand to see them crying, in pain or unhappy. When my little baby grandson is struggling with gas after a feeding, my heart aches for him. When my little toddler stumbles and falls, I want to run over and scoop her up and kiss away the hurt.
When it's time to leave, I find it almost impossible to tear myself away from them, and I immediately start to wonder when I'll see them again. I'm already missing them as I sit here typing this post.
Even so, I realize that the intensity of emotion that I feel for them is only a shadow of what God feels for all of his grandchildren, and we are his grandchildren. Yes, Native Americans were closer to the truth than many Christians have been willing to admit.
We read in the Gospel According to Luke that Adam "was the son of God." Luke 3:38 If that scripture is true (and I believe it is), and we are all descendants of Adam, then that literally makes God our Grandfather doesn't it?
By the way, that doesn't take anything away from the continuous allusions to God as "Father" in the New Testament. God is constantly referred to as the "God of your fathers" in the Old Testament (as in Exodus 3:13, 15, 16). The Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) were regarded as the "fathers" of their descendants.
Hence, all of us who are grandparents should take a few moments to stop and consider God as our grandparent. Think about the things that we feel for our grandchildren, and then remember that we are only capable of a weak imitation of the love our Creator is capable of feeling and demonstrating. How great is our Poppa!

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