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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Things that will not be addressed here

The author of this blog wishes to make clear that a few of the issues traditionally associated with God's nature will not be addressed here. In particular, this blog will not address whether God consists of one, two, three or one million individuals. The doctrine of the Trinity has had sufficient supporters and detractors over the last two thousand years, and this writer has no desire to add to that already extensive body of work. Likewise, I find that I have no desire to wade into the debate over Christ's Divinity. Enough has been written and said about this topic as well, and the pros and cons rarely succeed in changing each others opinions on the subject. Finally, enough has already been written about whether or not God is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.
This author is not interested in participating in the tired old arguments that have consumed most of the last two thousand years of Christian history. While I do not mean to dismiss these issues as irrelevant or unimportant, I do believe that the focus on them has resulted in the neglect of the pursuit of a clearer understanding of Almighty God's overall character and personality. Hence, the commentary on this blog will seek to explore aspects of God that have not received as much thought or attention from Christian writers in years past.

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